Buy us a beer?

We here at Weigold Enterprises try to help out as much as we can.  We’re currently supporting a number of WordPress plugins for free and we often provide advice and occasionally support to people at no charge despite the fact that we too have bills to pay.  We also provide significantly discounted services to non-profit agencies, especially those in the animal rescue and welfare arena.  If we’ve provided you with some advice or support that was of value or wish to help us continue to work on our free WordPress plugins or other projects and would like to “buy us a beer”, we’d really appreciate that!

Feel free to enter whatever amount is comfortable and click “pay now”.  All of our online sales and credit card processing is handled by Paypal, and you need not be a member.

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Use a little security by obscurity

W only smWordPress users: as we clean out this mornings reports of the thousands of brute force hack attempts last night across our many WordPress sites, two things come to mind.

First, if you’re using WordPress anywhere, make sure you are using plugins to help limit login attempts and perhaps even log failed logins.

Second, take advantage of a bit of security by obscurity. Remove the default Admin user. They can’t guess a password to a user that doesn’t exist. WordPress makes it easy to assign posts to another user, so do so, and remove “admin”. That step alone will foil 90%+ of the brute force attempts we’re seeing.

Oh, and a pro tip: If you’re using your own server, consider logging WordPress failures to the syslog and then using a product like fail2ban to just blacklist the source IP.

Are you managing your own WordPress site, but not sure how to do the things we’re suggesting?  Contact us at and we can provide the support you need to help keep your site safe.

Time to Update!

W only smIf you’re like many of our clients and you’re using WordPress, it’s time to update!  Wordpress 4.3.1 is out and you can find more information about it here!  If you have a WordPress site and you aren’t already a Weigold Enterprises client, please feel free to send us an email at and we’ll be happy to help you get your site upgraded.


3D Modeling for Clients

While much of our business involves electronics ranging from component level circuit board design through various types of IT support, we are occasionally called on for CAD requirements in support of our other projects.   Here’s one example of such an alternative challenge.  This is a 3D model of a foundation project for some wireless networking infrastructure.   If we can be of service with your 3D modeling requirements or any other project requirements, please contact us at for a no obligation quote!

An Exciting Morning

Good Afternoon Friends,

If you’ve visited any of the multitude of sites hosted by Weigold Enterprises today, you may have noticed either a very slow response or a simple time out.   It turns out that we’ve been the victim of a distributed denial of service attack directed at a number of the domains we support and originating from locations around the world including numerous from China, Russia, England and even a couple from the United States.    We’ve been working all morning to identify and block the sources of the attack and we’ve made significant progress.    We believe our servers are back operating at capacity at this point.    As part of the corrective action we’ve taken, we’ve further tightened our “lock out” specifications, blocked additional address ranges known for inappropriate activities and added more real time monitoring capabilities.

As you can probably imagine, it’s been an exciting morning.  We don’t expect to prevent another such attack on our services, but with the additional effort and capability we’ve installed, we hope to prevent another such attack from becoming a serious disruption to our customers.    Thanks for everyone’s patience as we worked through this issue.