An Exciting Morning

Good Afternoon Friends,

If you’ve visited any of the multitude of sites hosted by Weigold Enterprises today, you may have noticed either a very slow response or a simple time out.   It turns out that we’ve been the victim of a distributed denial of service attack directed at a number of the domains we support and originating from locations around the world including numerous from China, Russia, England and even a couple from the United States.    We’ve been working all morning to identify and block the sources of the attack and we’ve made significant progress.    We believe our servers are back operating at capacity at this point.    As part of the corrective action we’ve taken, we’ve further tightened our “lock out” specifications, blocked additional address ranges known for inappropriate activities and added more real time monitoring capabilities.

As you can probably imagine, it’s been an exciting morning.  We don’t expect to prevent another such attack on our services, but with the additional effort and capability we’ve installed, we hope to prevent another such attack from becoming a serious disruption to our customers.    Thanks for everyone’s patience as we worked through this issue.