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Well friends, it would seem it’s the end of one era and the beginning of another.   WP Sentry author Pete Holiday has decided that he will no longer be supporting or developing his awesome plug in.   Here’s the excerpt from his site:

Update 1/26/2011: I spent some time at the beginning of this month looking into what it would take to update WP Sentry for the latest WordPress version, during the course of that exploration, I discovered that due to a drop in the number of blog posts I write, combined with my decreased desire for them to be private, I have no personal stake in the plugin any more, and there are things I’d prefer to spend my time doing. As a result of these realizations, this plugin has been discontinued. No further support or development will be done.

We certainly understand Pete’s position, but we also don’t want to see support for his awesome plug in to go away.   So, we’ve been in contact with Pete, and he’s agreed to let us take over support!

Update 2/8/2011: While I will no longer be working on WP Sentry, an enterprising user — Steve Weigold — will be taking over development and support. You can find more information on his WP Sentry site. The existing WP Extend repo will be transferred to Steve, so existing WP Sentry users shouldn’t have to make any changes to continue to receive WP Sentry updates in their dashboards.

As we support and further develop (as needed) the WP Sentry plug in, we’ll be making updates and posting information both here on our site and in the forums on WordPress.org.

Here are some links you might find helpful:

WordPress.org – The main WordPress Site

WP Sentry Plug In Site – The actual plug in page on WordPress.org.  This would be where to download the latest release.

WP Sentry Support Forums – Forums on WordPress.org tagged for WP Sentry

WP Sentry Category Listing – A listing of all of our posts here on WP Sentry

WP Sentry Original Site – Pete Holiday’s original WP Sentry site.   Unfortunately as of a recent check, Pete has removed his site, so we’ve removed the link.

support@weigoldenterprises.com –  If you’d like to email us about WP Sentry, please use this email address.

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